VIDEO-Clash between Korčara fans and the President of Dinamo

2024-02-21 19:45:00, Sport CNA

VIDEO-Clash between Kor?ara fans and the President of Dinamo

After the Skënderbeu-Dinamo match, the Korça fans argued with the President of Dinamo as they are dissatisfied with the refereeing of the match.

The match between Skenderbeu and Dinamo was decided by a questionable penalty awarded in the first half, thus ending 0-1 in favor of the capital city.

As you can see from the footage, the debates were tense where the police force was also present.

Dinamo City narrowly won against Skënderbeu in Korçë, in the backward game of Superiore.

The capital city was awarded a penalty goal in the 52nd minute by Lorenzo Vila. This 11-meter also caused controversy among the locals who did not agree. Numerous protests even in the 70th minute, when the referee Klodjan Shahinaj, forgave the second yellow card to the midfielder Gudiabi. 

An important victory for Dinamo, which climbs to fourth place with 35 points, 1 more than Tirana in fifth place. Meanwhile, Skenderbeu remains in sixth place with 31 points./ CNA

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