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Skënderbeu / Memelli's chair meets Takaj, this is why the company is delaying

2022-06-21 12:59:00, Sport CNA
Skënderbeu / Memelli's chair meets Takaj, this is why the company is

Skanderbeg has shared his mind about the bench. Ardjan Takaj wants to bring Migen Memelli back to Korça, although there were other names that were mentioned earlier.

Ongoing negotiations lead to a single conclusion: that each side wants to start cooperation. But, in reality there are some obstacles.

There is no agreement yet and the reason is the conditions set by the mayor of Pogradec. It turns out that there was a meeting yesterday. Takaj and Memelli sat down to talk concretely about what had been "cooked" for days.

CONDITIONS - Reportedly, the technician has not ruled out this possibility. In fact, he received it well. And yet, it has had its own demands regarding this deal.

Building a competitive team and financial security have been the points where the 42-year-old has placed the emphasis. Everything has remained open, despite the fact that there is a verbal chord between the parties.

Recall that Memelli came to the helm of Skënderbeu at a difficult time and after saving a season destined for non-fulfillment of objectives, left in the middle of the following season to leave room for change in the team.

He has remained in the memory as the coach who saved a season that was lost to some extent, so for this reason the president of Skënderbeu is determined to bring him back to the top of the bench.

Unlike any other candidate, he knows a good part of the team and the environment as well, so it would require less time to adjust.

MERKATO - Among the many departures, Skanderbeg so far has made two approaches to the market. Korça, after armoring all the players who have contracts with the club, were able to get two more reinforcements.

The first was the goalkeeper Shkëlzen Ruçi, who after the end of the contract decided to stay in Korça again for another year. While after him has arrived Oltion Rapa from Gjilan, where he played for two seasons. If Migen Memelli is confirmed on the bench, then other approaches will be included by himself.

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