Partizan won the derby, Artan Hoxha casts a shadow of doubt: Federbeti follows these upheavals?!

2024-02-17 10:38:12, Sport CNA

Partizan managed to win the derby against Tirana with a score of 2-1. Journalist Artan Hoxha reacted to this challenge on social networks. He casts doubt on the victory of the reds, as he commented in a Facebook status, recalling the famous "Federbet" who condemned Skenderbeu years ago.

"That Federbet is following these revolutions or not?", he writes in the comment, inciting reactions among the red fans.

We remember that this company followed the golden Skanderbeg, raising the alarm about match-fixing by Korchars. After numerous procedures, it was decided that the red-and-whites of Korça were punished with 10 years of exclusion from the European Cups, as well as a 1 million euro fine.

Artan Hoxha's comment
Artan Hoxha's comment

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