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"I am not ashamed, I go to work in the fields with my parents", the special story of the Croatian Serie A

2022-06-19 11:24:00, Sport CNA
"I am not ashamed, I go to work in the fields with my parents", the

Martin Erlic is one of the elements that has stood out this season in Serie A. The Croatian footballer was a teammate with Rei Manaj in the ranks of Specia, while this summer he returns to Sasuolo after the end of the loan. The Balkan defender told "Sport Week" about his life. Although he already makes millions with his profession, Erlic remains modest and down to earth. The Croat says he was born on a farm between chickens and pigs, where he still returns whenever the championship ends to help his parents work the land.

"I'm in 1998. The war in the former Yugoslavia was over, only ruins remained. My parents's house had been destroyed by a bomb, so they settled in the stable where the animals were kept. I was born there, among chickens and pigs. We stayed there for two or three years before Dad rebuilt our house brick by brick. I come from a farming family. I do not know how the father gets up today at 4 in the morning to work the land and returns to the sunset.

He is the greatest example I can hope to have. Every year, when the championship ends, I return to my village, Tinj, where a total of 500 people live, and help my parents with their farm fields. I'm not ashamed of what I do. I'm not the guy who sees his dad working and going to the beach to get the beam. I know how much sacrifice he made to give me money to buy soccer shoes when I started playing. "I do not want to hide behind a mask that does not belong to me," said Martin Erlic.

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