The victory with Kukësi, See: Here is the condition of Skuka

2024-02-20 15:46:00, Sport CNA

The victory with Kukësi, See: Here is the condition of Skuka

The coach of Partizan, Orges Shehi, spoke after the victory with Kukës in the quarter-finals of the Cup.

Shehi stated that he received positive signals from the players who had some minutes. According to him, Skuka may have contracted and hopes to be so.

"It was a match that we had appreciated. The match has special moments. We were penalized by the field, to play the way we want. We took measures, introducing tall players at the end and we did not take risks.

We are satisfied, because Buxhelaj plays 90 minutes for the first time, as does Preka. They played well, gave a positive signal. Mehmeti deserves compliments for getting into the game very well. I got positive signals from everyone who has had a few minutes.

We always want to be in balance. Buxhelaj did his tasks well. We changed placement, with 2 or 1, in front of the defense. We always want to have the balance. In many matches we suffered in transition.  

Cara has played more than 60 minutes in the derby. It is very important for us. It is consumed a lot. Today we changed it, because we want to preserve it.

The Skënderbeu-Dinamo match is not of any great interest to us. The first information about Skuka is that there may have been contracting. I hope that's it. We hope there is no withdrawal, because it would keep him out of the field for a long time," said Shehi.

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