Urban transport is a concern in Tirana/Kelliçi: It will reduce the fare for citizens

2023-03-24 20:52:00, Politikë CNA

Urban transport is a concern in Tirana/Kelliçi: It will reduce the fare

The candidate of the Opposition for the Municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, said that in every meeting, and everywhere, he sees the need for change and the impatience of the citizens for the election day, May 14.

Kelliçi said that on the other hand, the residents of Tirana have not felt the City Hall present for a long time and have not seen or met any of its representatives or officials.

In an interview with Beti Njuma in Ora Neës, the Opposition candidate touched on the issues of missing services, despite the propaganda, starting from the lack of water, roads, and urban transport.

"I will provide a permanent solution to the issue of urban transport", said Kelliçi, clarifying that he will reduce the ticket price, it will bring the cost to the citizens to a minimum.

And, he emphasized, I will increase the quality, making the delays to be reduced, and the circulation to be facilitated.

Kelliçi claimed that today the Municipality of Veliaj is wasting 41,000 euros with the incinerator.

"This money will go from May 15 to Tirana's public transport," said Kelliçi, adding that it will be used for subsidies to ease the burden on citizens./CNA


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