Argita Malltez's call to the democrats: Time for action, let's eradicate evil

2023-12-02 13:37:00, Politikë CNA
Argita Malltez's call to the democrats: Time for action, let's
Argita Malltezi

Argita Malltezi, the daughter of the former prime minister Sali Berisha, in her speech at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party, called on the democrats to unite to continue the opposition action with the aim of removing Rama from power. 

Malltezi underlined that we must stand up for our place to eradicate evil and restore hope. 

"Escape is not the solution, one can defeat any evil if one stands and dares. It is our duty to keep the door open for our children. This requires us to stand up once again for our children. DP has been the whole party of spirit and I believe that among its supporters and members there are idealists who have it in them to stand up and make a difference. Now is the time for action for everyone, rooting out evil and freeing hope from crime will here is the second major achievement. We must all work for a common project, have the stone of faith, action, hope and unity. You women are capable of making a difference and give it your energy. Let's rise once again for the homes ours and Albania. May God bless Albania and the Albanians," said Malltezi. /CNA

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