Berisha's reflection/ We were ruled by Rilindja for a decade, the blackest in history

2023-12-02 12:02:00, Politikë CNA

Berisha's reflection/ We were ruled by Rilindja for a decade, the blackest

Former Prime Minister Saliu Berisha, while we are in the last month of 2023, has made a deep reflection remembering that for 10 years, a decade, the country is being governed by Rilindja.

Berisha, in his speech at the National Assembly of the DP, says that this is the blackest decade in the history of Albania where they have lost the free vote, the state has turned into a narco-state and private property has been looted.

"We are at the end of the year 2023. Today I invite you to do a little deeper reflection. A decade that we were governed by Rilindja, the blackest in the history of Albania. We lost the free vote. A decade in which our achievements were disintegrated. The rule of law was replaced by the narco-state. This is the decade of destruction.

Today our nation is a lost hope. Young people do not find a future in this country. The body of the nation seized by the metastases of crime. The nation most robbed of the nations of Europe. Private property is looted by strategic investors.

We don't have people's courts, but SKAPET and party courts that are used to punch the opposition.

They have turned Tirana into a second Belgrade.

The population has decreased by 35% in 10 years. With the abandonment of the country and the dominance of deaths over births, our nation is a nation with death that did not happen even under communism.

This happened under the influence of a demon that has seized all power, and this demon is Edi Rama," said Berisha. / CNA

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