Rama against internationals: We do justice, not them

2023-12-04 17:04:00, Politikë CNA

Rama against internationals: We do justice, not them

Prime Minister Edi Rama, in his statements at the Assembly of the Socialist Party, did not spare the international community and justice.

After his ministers, mayor and closest collaborators are on the run, Rama turns against the internationals for justice reform.

At the Assembly of the SP in Shkodër, he said that justice is done by the SP and not the internationals.

The internationals have actually spent hundreds of millions of euros for the justice reform, which in fact today more than ever should investigate and bring before the dock the ministers of Rama who protect the prosecutors of Rilindija. Former minister Ilir Beqja is a significant case.

The Prime Minister seems worried about the pressure exerted by internationals to have standards in this reform, standards that shock Rama and his cabinet.

Today, Rama publicly issued his complaints against the USA and the EU for the reform of justice.

"Justice reform is one of those things that, apart from the SP, no one can imagine who should take it on. Anyone who votes for this party should be proud because it has never happened in the history of this country that people dressed in power go to justice and let justice have a free hand. The government has never had the will to remove its hands from the control of justice. America was here since 1991 and the EU was here forever. They wanted this to happen, but for this to happen, you must have the strength to do it in the country. This is not an airplane change. It only happens if a force within the country has the power and the will to do so. We could have all the will and desire if we needed their support," said Rama at the Assembly of the Socialist Party in Shkodër / CNA

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