Rama gives the news/ Within two weeks, a Task Force for land registration will be created

2023-05-24 20:51:00, Politikë CNA

Rama gives the news/ Within two weeks, a Task Force for land registration will

The government will establish a Task Force that will deal with the registration of agricultural lands, which are in use by farmers without being equipped with AMTP.

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the news. During the thanksgiving tour, the head of the government said that this Task Force will be created within two weeks.

"We were talking from the beginning about a very hot issue that is present mainly in the northern areas, that has to do with property and that has to do with land in the village where people do not have problems with each other and where law 7501 has prevented from becoming owners because law 7501 put them in trouble, while they have no trouble. All that work was done. Everyone said: it can't be done. I know how many meetings and how many lawyers have interfered with this work until we made the law that creates this possibility, for people to become owners of their land with papers on the basis of the agreement they have with each other and there is enough, you know very well, there are many areas where they did not fight with each other. Tropoja, a large part of the rural territory is like this. Kukësi has many areas and they have no quarrel with each other.

We just need to increase the capacity. Today we have taken a first step and I believe that within 2 weeks the government will pass a decision to pass a task force, which will deal with this work and I believe it will be a task force of the prime minister to help the municipalities of Kukës, Tropoja, Shkodra, Malësi e Madhe, for a part of the territory that they have and other municipalities that have these problems, so that we can move much faster with the registration of these lands because this means that those people who they have the land, who work the land, but in the absence of the ownership title, they cannot receive a subsidy, they cannot receive a grant, they cannot receive a loan, they cannot even make a transaction, nor can they sell it, nor have the opportunity enter into this, and this will make it possible for other investments from emigration to come here", declared Rama.

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