Rama reminds the opposition again of the defeat/ Albanians spoke clearly, shocked those who do not want to listen

2023-05-25 11:19:00, Politikë CNA

Rama reminds the opposition again of the defeat/ Albanians spoke clearly,

Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke again in today's parliamentary session about the local elections and the disappointing result of the opposition.

During his speech, Rama addressed the opposition saying that the Albanians did not abandon the socialists in the elections, but the opposition and they cannot come to the parliament and speak on behalf of the Albanians.

Among other things, the Prime Minister said that the Albanians spoke so clearly in the elections that they shocked all those who do not want to listen.

"Albanians and those whom they mandate speak on behalf of Albanian women. The Albanians have just spoken, it is not yet the second week, and they have spoken so clearly that they have shocked some of those who do not want to listen. It is very comical to speak on behalf of Albanians. To speak on behalf of the Albanians who influenced politics, the elections, or the young people who were few in the voting. But the participation report speaks differently. The Albanians have not abandoned all of us, but a part of us. All the left-wing MPs that I represent, the Albanians, have not abandoned us but supported us like never before. In local elections, major parties lose votes for the political entity and other parties increase as a result of a very large number of council candidates. This time it happened differently, therefore, deserters of all ages, ask them from the way you see Albania, it is a council that I have asked them since in our first mandate when I presented our first program and the speaker after me I ask for my resignation. We will just move forward. I am relieved because we are coming to pass a project that we wanted to pass years ago and we have fought every day these years," he said.CNA.al

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