He attacked the media/ Ylli Rakipi responds to Berisha: Doctor, collect your mind

2023-05-25 23:03:00, Politikë CNA
He attacked the media/ Ylli Rakipi responds to Berisha: Doctor, collect your
Journalist Ylli Rakipi

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, criticized the media this evening for the attitude taken during the electoral campaign and after the end of the elections.

But an answer for Berisha came from the journalist Ylli Rakipi.

The latter asked a series of questions to Berisha and pointed out that the television stations are not to blame for the loss of the elections.

"Well, dear Doctor, don't you understand that we have been shouting all this time with all our might, that the day great America declares you 'non-women', we have said where is your evidence my great America against the doctor?

Why does the Doctor arrive in this state? Do the TV studios blame you? Why don't you dear Doctor slip, or is that what you need today? What have the TV studios done to you? Why don't you come out and say that Tom Doshi, who may have allocated real money, allocated money to so-and-so, so-and-so, this show, that show, Edi Rama bought this or that media?! We never hear which media specifically.

First, you go to the media superbought by Edi Rama, you get angry and angry with these media, except for your media, of course, and with great difficulty you come to our media, here, to talk and to give answers to the questions we ask. You go to bed and wake up to Edi Rama's bought and re-bought media, morning, lunch, dinner. Shall we accuse you now that they have paid you? Doctor, collect your mind that you got seven municipalities, only seven municipalities and don't howl every day to the TV studios that they didn't get you those municipalities. He has taken your head, which has smelled, together with your party which has been torn apart, has been broken into pieces. This is the truth!", emphasized the journalist./ CNA.al

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