The closed list man seeks open lists

2023-05-24 19:06:00, Politikë CNA
The closed list man seeks open lists
Lulzim Basha

Lulzim Basha is known as the man who "loved" closed lists and expelled anyone he didn't like from the Democratic Party.

In all the elections when he was president, Basha made the lists himself. Such was also the case of the 2017 parliamentary elections, where figures with contributions to the Democratic Party were excluded from the lists. He also used the same scheme to prevent the brave within the DP who raised their voices against the way the party is run.

But today, the chairman of the closed lists gives lectures for open lists.

During a meeting with FRPD youth, Basha made 3 proposals that, according to him, would bring the country out of the national emergency, one of which was 100% open lists.

"My invitation today is not to trust politicians, but through open lists to trust citizens. Stop trusting politicians and take trust into our own hands as citizens. 100% open listings. I have two more proposals.

You have heard about the daily accusations and attacks that politicians throw at each other. The vetting of politicians is needed, more swearing from morning to dinner. Anyone who undertakes the burden of public service must be open to investigation of personal assets. Political vetting is a national emergency.

No prime minister who cannot achieve the promises given in 2 terms, can make them for a third term. So the limitation of mandates is necessary. Also, the vote of immigrants, about 45% of our compatriots are not in the country today, they have left en masse but do not have the right to vote. It is a decision of the CJK, it must be implemented", he declared.

Thus, Basha tried today to come up with a new profile, as a person who is against closed lists, looking for open lists./ CNA.al

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