Kadilli: Argita Malltez's participation in the Assembly is proof that Berisha's project is a family one

2023-12-03 14:23:00, Politikë CNA
Kadilli: Argita Malltez's participation in the Assembly is proof that
Former candidate for chairman of the Democratic Party, Fatbardh Kadilli

The former candidate for president of the Democratic Party, Fatbardh Kadilli, commented this Sunday on the participation of Argita Berisha Malltez in the National Assembly of the Democratic Party that was held yesterday.

Kadilli said in "Euronews Albania" that Argita's participation in the Assembly is proof that the project of chief democrat Sali Berisha is a family policy.

According to him, Berisha has created a group of people who do not produce politics, but who have only decided to protect the political interests of the former prime minister's family.

"Yesterday's Reestablishment Assembly proved and made obvious to everyone the fact that what started as a political project called Reestablishment, ended in a political ruin. Both the behavior of Berisha and the space and promotion of his daughter prove that we are dealing with a family project.

We are dealing with a group of people who deal with politics, but do not produce politics, only protection of the political interests of Berisha and his family members.

It has been clear to anyone who has followed politics, that in 3 decades Berisha has used PD for his and his family's interests, interests through which he secured power and wealth.

Even Enver Hoxha, who also had children who were members of the Labor Party, did not dare to do this, to put his children in charge, so we are clearly dealing with a political project.

The formalism of whether or not Mrs. Malltezi is a member of the Democratic Party is a formality that does not concern anyone. What Albanians have proof of today is a family political project, family interests that are protected through political instruments and institutions", he emphasized./ CNA 

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