"Hupe Sali hupe"/ Spiropali "pin" Berisha in the Assembly

2023-05-25 13:44:00, Politikë CNA

"Hupe Sali hupe"/ Spiropali "pin" Berisha in the Assembly

SP MP Elisa Spiropali attacked Berisha immediately after his speech in the Parliament, reminding him of his deep defeat in the elections.

During her speech in the Assembly, Spiropali reminded the chief democrat of the defeat in the local elections and stated that the opposition lost from the north to the south after being rejected by the democrats.

Spiropali addressed Berisha from the pulpit saying "Hupe Sali hupe"

"Like the leader's finger, the speaker accuses and deceives. This man, once a zealot of the regime, restores the right and the wrong, the wrong and the honest. As never before, it's back to personal trouble. Sali Berisha led his party and the other half to another defeat and made it look like a victory. Shut up Sali shut up. Albanians rejected you from north to south. Only you have realized that your hope for rebirth has sunk. Shkodra overthrew you and Tirana denied you, Tropoja abandoned you and Kamza left you. Did not say goodbye to your lost mole Gjirokastra. About 95% of Albanians rejected you as a bad memory. There was only one way left. The man is broken but not haunted. You bowed down to vice and appealed to your vice. Selling your parallel world as reality. "The state machinery was stolen from me" by a mediocre stream. I was sent all over Albania to overturn the result. Sarreqi and Wig and Rusi and Dudasi, Skanderbeg makes you pour your mind in Zall i Kiri. Bërdica, Ana e Mali, from all of Shkodra, you humiliated them. He was told 'hostages and thugs.'she says./ CNA.al

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