Çela reveals the reasons/ Why the Socialist Party achieved victory in the municipality of Durrës

2023-05-26 20:10:00, Politikë CNA
Çela reveals the reasons/ Why the Socialist Party achieved victory in the
The political leader of Durrës district, Ardian Çela

The political leader of the Durres district, Ardian Çela, has shown the reasons why the Socialist Party had a successful result in the municipality of Durres, where Emiriana Sako received another mandate.

During the thank-you tour of Prime Minister Edi Rama, Çela said that one of the reasons for the success is the projects and investments that the SP has started in the coastal city.

Another reason, according to him, is the presence of Rama as the deputy of the Durrës district and the finding of Sako as a SP candidate.

"This moment, as much as it is a moment of thanksgiving, is also a moment of gratitude for all of you who contributed to the achievement of this victory. Each of us can say that we did it, it was done. There are several reasons why we succeeded, but I will mention two or three.

First, the importance that has been given to Durres and the Durres region on a national scale by Prime Minister Edi Rama, with all the projects and investments at the national and international level.

Another reason is the great political potential that has been given to the Durrës region by the presence of Prime Minister Edi Rama, deputy in the Durrës region. Most here have fought several electoral battles and we know how difficult it is to repeat the victory. Even monotony risks it.

Finding Ani. A mother, a woman who does not show protagonism, but takes the protagonism with work. Everyone here knows how and how much Ani works, works, works and works. And this finding was "the key" for the strategy of achieving victory", he emphasized./ CNA.al

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