"Somewhere we made a mistake"/ Argita Malltez's message to the DP Assembly: We must fight this battle for the children

2023-12-02 13:18:00, Politikë CNA

"Somewhere we made a mistake"/ Argita Malltez's message to the DP

Argita Malltezi during her speech in the National Assembly of the DP gave the message that we must face the evil (the Rama government) and we must fight this battle for our children.  

"Today, after 10 years, almost 1 million Albanians have left the country, and poverty has increased fear and competes with crime. Somewhere we made a mistake, each of us tried hard and order towards economic security, but we forgot that political rights are essential for the exercise of economic freedoms. If we allow their restriction and we risk falling into a dictatorship.  I was part of the student movement, we won because we dared. At what point in our journey did we make a mistake that we are in this state. It happened that at some point we said to ourselves that the mission Ours is done.
We have known how to stand up and fight but we allowed evil to rise up. It is unforgivable and the example we set for our children. We thought it was better to run away than to face evil. We must do it. this battle for our children. Hope has been killed, it is our duty to bring it back," she said. 


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