The deputy of 362 votes: SPAK, the Prosecutor and the CEC, grabbed him by the throat

2023-05-26 10:47:00, Politikë CNA

The deputy of 362 votes: SPAK, the Prosecutor and the CEC, grabbed him by the

Petrit Vasili, the MP with 362 votes, called the deep defeat of the opposition in the May 14 elections an electoral butchery.

According to him, this butchery demands retribution, although he emphasizes that the government is trying to shift attention.

Among other things, he writes that the SPAK, the Prosecutor's Office and the CEC are at the throat, by legitimizing these elections they make themselves worse.

" Rama & co are trembling in vain, the electoral slaughterhouse demands retribution!

Endless twists and turns by Edi Rama and the invention of sponsored pseudo-events and populisms to divert and avoid attention from the electoral butchery.

Spak, the Prosecutor's Office and the CEC, caught by the throat, remember that with their silence they will legitimize the carnage that happened, they are just doing themselves a disservice.

Denunciations with thousands of facts, written evidence, video audio can never be covered.

Kasapana brings out more serious facts every day.

Everything was manipulated, stolen and destroyed in these, which were the blackest votes for the country.

They tire in vain because the facts and thousands of proofs are here and the butchery can never be covered:

????? Butchery in Kuçove, Rrogozhine, Belsh Shkoder and all over the country is proven

?????Majlinda Bufi of Rroskovec was seen by the whole of Albania and there is no SPAK to save her.

?????The theft of votes in Puke was also seen by the CEC and cannot be covered up

?????Criminal groups openly side with the party in power and are openly supported by the police, which shamefully did not intervene.

??????Hundreds of biometric identification devices that avoid multiple voting did not work, even the chairman of the CEC could not be identified.

?????Even the ink on the voter's finger was still hidden from the polling stations.

????? 1 million and 250 thousand Albanians had their voting center changed on purpose last week to discourage and hinder voting.

??????The commissioner and observer of the opposition were raped by renaissance criminals

????? Vote counting centers turned into renaissance brothels where votes were openly stolen.

?????? The entire Albanian media, with very few exceptions, turned into a disgusting propaganda extension of the government and the mafia of every form.

?????Hundreds of millions of dirty euros were thrown into the campaign to buy votes, so much so that even the exchange rate of the euro is shaken

?????Mijra ministra, zv.ministra,sekretare te pergjithshem, drejtore, police e nepunes bashkie e qeveria gjithefaresh sulmuan qendrat e votimit benin presion hapur cdo votuesi qe hynte ne qendren e votimit por edhe numeronin votat e partise ne pushtet.

?????Miliona euro u shperndane si bonuse ne menyre paligjshme.

Mijra punesime shtese u bene per qellime elektorale.

?????Mijra legalizime te bllokuara qellimisht me vite u dhane deri nje dite perpara zgjedhjeve ku u hapen zyrat per turp te zotit.

?????Qindra milione leke u ndane per gjoja ndihma ekonomike.

?????Mijra pensione u dhane edhe pa mbushur dokumentat.

?????Miliona euro u hodhen ne menyre te turpshme per asfalt elektoral efhe ne mes te Tiranes.

?????Miliona euro u perdoren hapur permes kontratave me para publike per te blere mbeshtetjen e ca kengetareve apo shoëmeneve per partine ne pushtet.

?????Thousands of people were individually threatened or their relatives were blackmailed to get votes from the ruling party

?????Thousands of business owners were blackmailed, threatened and heavily fined by the ruling party.

?????Prisons were used to divert voting results.

The files of electoral crime howl!

The electoral butchery demands retribution and this cannot be avoided in any way", writes Vasili./ CNA.al

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