Berisha determined/ "We don't vote on laws without approving the minimum wage"

2023-05-25 12:16:00, Politikë CNA

Berisha determined/ "We don't vote on laws without approving the

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has stated in a statement to journalists that he will not vote for the laws to raise wages without the minimum living wage being approved.

"A shameful farce with cynical dimensions of an unprecedented cynicism and callousness and hypocrisy took place today in the parliament.
After deceiving the Albanians, by presenting the salary of the president, the admiral and the Rezart, all these from 2.2 to 4.6 million lek increase, brought to the parliament a law in which those who are most in need, whose departure is destroying Albania, doctors, teachers, policemen, soldiers, get a 1 percent increase or minus 1 percent. Such an act is beyond any
imagination Such cynicism towards the employees of this country exceeds any goal.

I have been and will always be in favor of salary increases, there is no question about that. If there is one destructive factor for this country, it is the wage freeze.
But today this farce, this act where the salaries of the highest officials are doubled and increase by 1 percent or decrease - because this is the calculation with INSTAT's inflation, because with EuroStat's calculation, the decrease is greater than that.

I insisted that this process begin with the establishment of the vital minimum of 200 euros. This should have been the first act to respond to this serious situation, this terrible misery created in Albania.
Instead of starting with the establishment of the living minimum, which would give the final answer to the economic assistance and pensions below 200 euros and make a mitigation of misery, the living minimum eradicates misery in the sense of extreme poverty. It was a completely possible measure, when it is known that twice the total salary fund is stolen from the citizens every year.

This was closed in the most shameful way by people who steal from Albanians from morning to dinner.
We will not vote for it", said Berisha./ CNA.al

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