Bardhi, "teeth for teeth" with Balla/ "Boll complained about the opposition protest, the affairs should be investigated"

2023-12-04 14:15:00, Politikë CNA
Bardhi, "teeth for teeth" with Balla/ "Boll complained about the
Boll complained about the opposition protest

The Minister of the Interior, Taulant Balla, warned the opposition a little while ago about the tensions in the Assembly, saying that their acts have been referred to the prosecutor's office and that the deputies risk being sentenced to up to 5 years in prison. 

The head of the DP Parliamentary Group, Gazment Bardhi, reacted to Balla's statement.

The latter mentions some of the government's affairs and declares that socialists should not complain about opposition protests, but should investigate corruption with concessions.

Bardhi emphasizes that the Parliament cannot be a permanent crime scene where the majority approves laws by order and does not allow the opposition to exercise its right.

"Edi Rama and Taulant Balla have set fire to Albania for 10 years and have long since transformed the hall of plenary sessions into a scene of crime, where corrupt laws are passed to favor representatives of organized crime or their business partners.

Only with the sterilization concession contract, the court and the special prosecutor's office found that they stole 60 million euros. Only by extending the term of the law on strategic investments did you provide more money to a representative of organized crime in Shkodër who is currently in prison for ordering murder. Only with the changes in the law of concessions did they open the way for the theft of millions of euros with the contracts of incinerators according to the interest of Klodian Zota and Mirel Mërtiri. These are crime scenes that need to be investigated by justice, not the opposition chairs in the floor of the Assembly.

Boll hid behind the Guard and many complained about the protest of the opposition in the Parliament expressing disagreement with these issues. The interest of the citizens demands that the corrupt affairs of the Rama-Balla Government be investigated, by the Parliament and by the judiciary. By denying the parliamentary investigation, you are trying to get rid of transparency and accountability, with the belief that you will also get rid of justice!

Parliament cannot be a permanent crime scene where you pass bespoke laws and then not allow the opposition to exercise its right of parliamentary control over the implementation of these laws. The return to normality of the Parliament goes through the respect of the Constitution. On the contrary, you will continue to treat the Assembly as a hall where you vote to enrich yourself and impoverish the Albanians", underlined the deputy of the DP./ CNA

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