"Argita Malltezi will not join the party"/ Spaho: Why didn't they say anything about Linda Rama?

2023-12-05 18:36:00, Politikë CNA
"Argita Malltezi will not join the party"/ Spaho: Why didn't they
Deputy Edmond Spaho

Deputy Edmond Spaho has spoken about the hints that Argita Malltezi can take over the leadership of the Democratic Party.

These questions arose after she gave her speech at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party.

But, for Spahon, such news is nothing more than speculation, without any basis.

He even raises the question why such a thing was not said when Linda Rama spoke at the SP Assembly.

"Argita did very well to speak in the Assembly. The future direction of the party from Malltezi? Skup, there is no basis. She said it herself, Mr. Berisha said it too. She is a member of the DP and has the right to exercise her functions to contribute to this force, her husband is even older, he has gone up to the National Council member. Mrs. Malltezi addressed a certain segment of society, she addressed the gray electorate from which she herself comes. She said we deal with material goods, but democracy is running away from us. Berisha talks about radical political action and his language would be completely different. Will Mrs. Malltezi take the party or not? We should not have double standard attitudes. Linda Rama spoke at the Assembly of the SP and said no one aspires to make her party leader. This is where the scoop game is played to avoid attention from the problems," said Spaho in an interview.

Regarding the possibility of Argita Malltez's engagement in politics, the latter herself reacted as well as Sali Berisha, who ruled it out as a possibility./ CNA

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