Accusations of Russian funding/Meta "releases" Monika Kryemadhi: Well done

2023-03-23 23:11:00, Politikë CNA

Accusations of Russian funding/Meta "releases" Monika Kryemadhi: Well

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, has expressed that he has ironized the reports that his wife, Monika Kryemadhi, has received money from the Russians.

Invited to the "Open" show, Meta said that this is the "reward" that Kryemadhi has received since, according to him, she was attached to the incinerators file.

He said that all documents are forged and that they are being published only to attack Kryemadhi, after the latter's denunciations.

"What should I clarify, Monika is doing well because she got involved in the incinerator affair. You call Monika here because she is used to slander in politics. I have a problem with being asked everywhere I go, especially women and young girls. One reason they love it so much is because of my criticisms. Let them report it to SPAK, you saw the report that the incinerators pay the media to publish such articles. Here, too, they pay journalists and analysts to slander. Monika is here and will be here. It has nothing to do with Monika at any time. I will deal with Endri Fuga's nonsense here, they are fake, what does Monika have to do with those things? I don't know if Monika has time to deal with these things, if she has filed it with SPAK. A criminal act financed by Tirana because on the same day the Financial Times was opened with Rama", said Meta./CNA

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