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Will Argita Malltezi enter politics?/ She and Sali Berisha answer

2023-12-02 19:04:00, Politikë CNA

Will Argita Malltezi enter politics?/ She and Sali Berisha answer

Will Argita Malltezi enter politics?

This is a question that many may have asked since Argita Malltezi's appearance in a television interview after SPAK arrested her husband Jamarbër Malltezi for the "Partizani" affair, and then put him under house arrest.

Even today at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party, Argita Malltezi gave a speech where she asked everyone to stand up and fight for their children.

"We knew how to stand up and fight, but we allowed the evil that came from the head. She is unforgivable and the example we set for our children. We thought it was better to run away than to face the evil. We must fight this battle for our children. Hope has been killed, it is our duty to bring it back ," she said. 

After the speech and the rhetoric that stood out, the question regarding Argita Malltez's involvement in politics gained even more meaning.

Argita himself gave an answer to the question, as did former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Argita said in an interview for the media after the speech at the National Assembly of the Democratic Party that she has no ambitions for more, but the essence of her speech is for people to react.

"I have always been an active part of DP, but I have no ambitions for more, it's a matter of having ambitions, but doing what you have to do, the essence of my speech is that everyone must react. Evil comes to you gently, when you think that something is trivial for your day. Evil becomes imposing when you have neglected it," said Malltezi.

The same attitude was taken by Sali Berisha himself when he was asked by journalists.

"Argita Malltezi gave a speech like many others there. Argita Malltezi is an activist of the DP, since in the first days of its establishment, she was a student. In this context, it has never been separated from DP. This is her first public speech at the party assemblies, but this does not mean anything more than a speech in which she expressed her thoughts as a PD activist," Berisha said./ CNA

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