The one you have in 2022 makes for a stage manager!

2022-10-18 15:02:00, Opinione Julian Bala

The one you have in 2022 makes for a stage manager!

For the mayor, an urban architect is needed to come up with a clear plan: To level the objects that have encroached on the first ring of the center, as well as those that have disfigured the silhouette of the center, these last 3 years.

Flatten where the same villa pattern is repeated more than 3 times; third, to level everything that has been built and that has not been sold to any unit.

Tirana no longer needs business centers and residential buildings. Tirana, 24 hours a day, needs roads with much fewer cars.

Then there is a need for more squares, where painters can sell their work without paying tax to the municipality and tourists can pose in front of a street artist.

Tirana needs a municipal police to do the work of the traffic police where luxury mafia cars come around at speed above the allowed rate in the overpopulated area and no one stops them.

There is no need for the municipal police to chase down poor peasants and old men selling onions and lettuce under the shade of a tree on the sidewalk!

There is no need for a mayor without a profession, neither a politician nor a fraudster, it is not called a profession!

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