By Anila Basha/ About Karlo, Adriatik Doçin and the stories with Anila Kolgjini in Kosovo

2023-05-25 11:20:00, Opinione CNA
By Anila Basha/ About Karlo, Adriatik Doçin and the stories with Anila
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Lecjan! Non fare il furbo con me…

I have been waiting for four days with patience, but also with investigation, when will your dog stop barking, but which I also feed, Adriatik Xek Doçi. Yes Yes! Jack. It is not a dog's name, but a human's. I imagine Jack who was polled in Prelë i Matit in 1943, how modern his parents were, Xelal e Mire, who put the mountain on top of the war, an English dog name. But I haven't decided yet what I'm going to call him: Dog son of dog, or Dog of dogs!

I will deal with you, O Le?jani Carlo-Italiani Bollino, and with your taste Alba Malltezi.

A parenthesis for all those who have asked me over and over these days, "Why does Carlo attack you... What have you done to him?!", including well-wishers, friends, curious, acquaintances, enemies, but also for all those who love gallant... including Edi Rama who of course thinks: "he eats the cauldron".

Carlo Bollino, son of Fausto and Alessandrina, was born in Lecce on 15.11.1961. He became an Albanian with a passport and mentality, but his mind is lying that there is one march more than us: the "furbo" march. He grew up in Lecce, a small town in the boot heel of Italy with a population of 95,766. Lushnja, with 83,600 inhabitants, in the belly of Albania, when Carlo Le?jani was born, had more inhabitants and blessings.

Alba Malltezi, the daughter of Ridvan and Adile, born in Shijak two days before the new year 1972, from the former secretary of Lecjan, became his wife and, from poverty, became Italian, but only with a passport.

How do I know this? From the "patronage" gift system that the 3-day investigation is leading me to Igli Gjelishti with "Image & Communications Development" sh.pk Or not Leçjan?

The companies "Multiscreen" alias MTSC or as it is known "Report Tv", "Media Content", "FFM Group", "Shqiptarja.com", "Carlo Bollino", "Cendra Ura" (OJF) are direct businesses of the couple Lecce & Shijaku . Meanwhile, "4B Communications" sh.pk, "C-7 communications" sh.pk and "Image & Communications Development" sh.pk are related to the "furbo" activity of Lecjan.

Where am I in all this story?

"Shqiptarja.com", portal - online page was opened in 2011, by me and Le?jani. In my opinion, in those times of crazy passion for work, it was the most visionary project in the field of journalism. We registered it in the CKB, where of course the Italian fashionistas from the 90's take the lion's share in every business with the Albanians... and I, being inexperienced in business, kept 20% of the quotas and 80% the Le?jani's wife through "FFM Group".

At that time, I had no idea why Le?jani did not give his own name, or why my quotas were only 200,000 Lek and his 800,000. A total of 1 million old! I just wanted "Shqiptarja.com" to become famous and it did. I didn't even want to know about papers, accounts, balances or profits... I only received the happy salary and working day and night, order after news.

I left everything at that time and married "Shqiptarja.com". It was the time when I worked with my colleagues Edmond Arizaj and Habjon Hasani (or not?). Little by little, for two years, the Le?ian, as a fashionista of caliber, sought to direct every news, to impose everything in idiotic details with the "rompi i coglioni" style. He went so far as to demand the dismissal of journalists, my colleagues, and even the cleaner!! I'm leaving - I told him! Run it yourself. I'm keeping 20% ??of the quota of the creature we built together or both, it doesn't matter. But Leçjani (il furbo di Alessandrina) loved them, he even asked me for my quota (20%) in 2013, that is, after two years, to sell it to him for... 200 thousand lek!

I said: Go find Zybat in Lece, because there is no Lushnja!

This, then, is the story of the man from Lec who then took over "Shqiptarja.com" and turned it into a sock as he wanted, the fine hit him as much as he wanted and who he wanted, until three days ago he managed to turn it against me, the co-founder, who is even today a 20% shareholder. But where is the problem of Le?jani? Simple: He will take my quotas of 200,000 lek, or make them disappear by assimilating them with the increase in the capital of Shijaxes FFM.

It seems unimaginable to her that the "light" girl of the past can weigh a lot after one or two decades of life.

There is also a bigger problem. After so many years, I'm looking for an account for the mockery and brazen disregard that Le?jani did as if it was harmless, like those birbots from the south of Italy who mock the poor shoemakers of Albania.

From December 2013 until today, I have not received a single lek, lire, or cent per month from "Shqiptarja.com", right Leçjan? No money! Look at what the 60-year-old fashion designer from Lecce has done to society. Loss, loss, loss..! Or not Delina Ibrahimaj? Are these data confidential?!

Year Financial situation "Shqiptarja.com" according to the annual balance Loss (-)/ Profit (+)

2015 - ALL 3.3 million

2016 -23 million ALL

2017 -17 million ALL

2018 - ALL 105 million

2019 +112 million ALL

2020 - ALL 59 million

Only in 2019 has it magically turned out to be profitable! How? Because he got an administrator who doesn't know how to write Albanian, the Romanian Patricia Corina Constantinesku, who is only known to have been born in Romania and nothing else. The administrator signs the balance sheet with profit "abra kadabra 2019". Can you read Albanian to me, my Patricia? Do you have any idea what you signed?

So, I "the scum of the scum of the scum" (according to Jack's dog), I have never received a single lek for 8 years from "Shqiptarja.com", even though I own 20% of its capital shares, even though this is a page that publishes every video of "Report TV", when this television on the other hand reports every news published in the newspaper.

Now the icing on the cake: "Shqiptarja.com", has 16 employees with the desolate administrator Vilma Theodhos, who is paid 240 thousand lek (always old).

Adriatik Xhek Doçi was paid from April 2016 when he started, until April 2021 with a salary of ALL 74,010.0/month. Fully 44 million for 5 years.

So, for Jack's dog, I paid 20% of flesh and blood to bite me like you! So, Alessandrina's puppy?

While Alba, the beauty from Shijak has shaved like no other from 500 ?e every month as the director of Shqiptarja.com, a total of 45,000 million for 6-7 years, isn't it Alba Malltezi? Even from January 1, 2021, this limited liability company, which came out with minus 59 million ALL in loss in 2020, made Alba a full salary of 1.9 million per month as a director. So, 11.4 million Lek was extorted by Alba from Shijaku for 6 months from the company that presents me every year only losses...losses...losses...and in the end it bothers me with the barking of the dog that is paid 700 thousand Lek/month on my back, so how much Qazim Sejdini and Llatja gave me for advice! So trash??

This is the information you didn't give me, Ms. Brahimaj of Taxes, but an old journalist finds them. You find them all in 3 days... In 7 or 14 days you find more...

You also find out how on June 15, 2015, Lindita Dode founded "Multiscreen" sh.pk - Report TV and on April 28, 2017, Carlo Bollino bought the capital shares for 3,500,000 ALL (new). On February 28, 2018, the quotas are magically increased for 10 months and become 27,256,938 ALL (new) from 3,500,000 ALL.

Who made the expertise of increasing the quotas of the Leçjan company? Sanije Tafa, the accounting expert of the oligarchs? And where did you find the money that increased the capital, in Lecce or Palermo?? How and where did you get them? Or are you Albanian when you buy a company and Italian when you expand it? So Mr. Furbo?

"FFM Group" shpk, my partner in "Shqiptarja.com" has shareholders Alba Malltezi with 74.96% and Eva Doçi (don't get confused, it has nothing to do with Jack's dog, but with her businessman husband).

When the journalist wants, he also finds out how "FFM Group" is just a fictitious company, a shell that has no balance sheet and no workers on the board for years, only a miserable administrator like Lindita Dode who is paid 300 thousand old lek. This FFM is my partner who will melt my quotas by enlarging them, Mr. Furbo? Is that how they do it in Lecce? I don't care about Rome and Milan!

In Tirana it is not even a question.

The good journalist finds out how it was approved on October 2, 2019, VKM No. 642, for rent 1 euro/contract, between MFE and "MTSC" ShPK for "Former metal enterprise 'Tirana'" (Department of watches), 4021.50 m²; or how the VKM lightning bolt no. 157, on February 19, 2020, or VKM no. 368, on May 6, 2020.

These findings are also for you, Edi Rama, who is having fun in Skopje with Zoran and that other peacock who is 1 cm taller than you. This is not a cauldron issue, nor is it a matter for the Constitutional Court to resolve, but it is my issue and I will resolve it myself. In the cauldron of VKMs, enter and exit by yourself now that neither the firm can help you in the absence of the order of Bra?a, nor the fact that your Italian Le?jan takes a loan not from Intesa but from AbiBank to wash away some troubles and put some bricks somewhere..

Well, at the moment I have entertained or informed a lot of people. I don't expect any apology or reconciliation from Furbo Le?jani or from Italian Bol-ino. 8 years of deception and ridicule is too much and has no price. Jack-son's bites, on the other hand, crossed every mark and cannot find any justification.

As for Jack's dog, tame it and advise Leçja - not to bark anymore, because it will be better for you, your friends and for the dog itself... because I was drinking some double brandy with friends and friends, I will start talking about Anila Kolgjini who I love him very much even when he makes mistakes and runs away to Kosovo without my permission, for Armida, Elsa and the good Papi that is not yet known exactly, when he runs away and comes to Greece, does he pick or steal grapes?!

That when an angry man drinks brandy, in his own right and without guilt, he is ready to take Bru?in, Prella, Rremulli on foot to Macukull i Mati, to find the truth!

So, Le?jani Karlo Bolino, go now, sober up, think and consult with Attorney Brraka before you go to explain some delicate things to Prosecutor Arben Kraja with your lame Albanian... or will you do it like Beccheti then - you will say "I am Italian"?

Cucciolo di Alessandrina, non fare il furbo con me…!


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