"Captain" Irfani is back in action.

2022-11-10 10:45:00, Opinione Ernest Marku

"Captain" Irfani is back in action.

Yesterday, "Captain" Irfan's media returned to attack exponents of the majority. At first he publicly attacked the Director of Customs and the Director of Taxes, cases later revealed to be public blackmail (punishable by law as a criminal offense) for unpaid obligations from the state.

Yesterday, the captain resumed the attack on the Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja. One can say that it is the media that has investigated and not an attack by Irfan, but the question arises why this media of Irfan does not investigate how many tenders Irfan Hysenbelliu has benefited from the state, how did he benefit from these tenders?

Does Irfan Hysenbelliu have unpaid taxes, directly and indirectly benefiting/abusing Albanian taxpayers' money? Does this media investigate why Capter Irfani re-threw into the media market a news that has been circulating publicly for at least 8 years, without even doing a minimal investigation, whether or not these individuals are in these positions today?

Why does this media not investigate what connects Irfan with the institution of the Ministry of Justice and is it the next public blackmail against the Minister of Justice?

These are questions and investigations that Irfan's media should publicly answer. /CNA.al

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