The wonders of honey / Its effects on your skin              

2022-06-21 08:12:00, Lifestyle CNA
The wonders of honey / Its effects on your skin
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We all already know the benefits of honey for our health. But not just kac. Honey is also used as a trick for our beauty. For many years it has become an indispensable product used for skin care. Many beauty brands have started to produce recipes with honey content. But what exactly are the benefits of honey on our skin.

-Gives shine to the skin as honey is rich in vitamin B.

-Hydrates the skin and softens it

-Also helps eliminate acne.

The hydrogen peroxide contained in honey helps fight against skin blemishes. Renews skin cells and gives skin a more vibrant and balanced look.

Thanks to the antioxidants it contains it is also effective in treating wounds. By treating inflammations, it helps to heal wounds on the skin faster and repair damaged skin.

Since we are in the summer season do not hesitate to use honey also for the treatment of burns. Reduces inflammation that can occur as a result of burns, supports healing and nourishes burned tissues for revitalization./ CNA.al

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