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Careful! Do not make these mistakes in the kitchen

2022-06-24 18:40:00, Lifestyle CNA
Careful! Do not make these mistakes in the kitchen
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We all spend hours in the kitchen. Unconsciously we can make many mistakes. Below, we have listed some of the mistakes that should not be made in the kitchen.

Do not extinguish the oil fire with water

The first thing we do to put out the fire is to pour water, but this should not be done categorically when the hot oil catches fire. This is because pouring water would increase the flames even more.

Do not eat raw dough

In order for carbohydrates to be digested, they must be absorbed and metabolized. In other words, eating raw dough will cause stomach aches and intestinal problems.

Washing boiled pasta

Do not wash the pasta after draining it, they will lose their flavor.

Do not grab hot pots with wet towels

With wet towels, your hands will burn faster because wet towels transmit heat much faster than dry towels.

Thaw the meat at room temperature

This method is very harmful, as it becomes the cause for the revitalization of bacteria in meat. Instead, it is advisable to thaw the meat in the refrigerator after it comes out of the freezer.

Put the hot ingredients in the blender

The accumulated pressure in the blender, together with the heat, can cause an explosion when you turn on the blender./ Translated and adapted by CNA.al

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