The fraud scheme is revealed/ The former employee of the Assembly received 340 thousand euros to close a court case

2023-05-31 22:48:00, Kronika CNA

The fraud scheme is revealed/ The former employee of the Assembly received 340

Milena Deraj is 29 years old from Vlora who lives in Tirana and was arrested about a week ago for fraud.

Deraj, who has been an employee at the Bank of Albania and the Parliament, received 340,000 euros to close the court case of a family in Shkodër that sought to save their relatives from life imprisonment.

What makes the entire staging of the fraud even more intriguing are the well-known characters involved in it, but also the very story of how Milena Deraj was involved in this event.

According to the investigative file published on the show "On target", the fraud scheme started at the end of 2021.

Deraj was contacted by a friend of hers, who introduced her to Afërdita Ferracaku about the event that happened in the early morning hours of June 27, 2021, in the village of Pulaj, on the beach of Velipojë.

In 2021, there was a clash between the Ferracaku family and the Gocaj family over the sunbeds, and the citizens Kujtim Ferracaku, the Xhovani brothers, Edmond Gocaj and the hotel waiter Musaein Zeneli were killed.

Shyqyri and Abedin Ferracaku are being investigated for this incident, who risk life imprisonment.

These last two are the people for whom Milena Deraj took money, in order to get them out of prison. This scheme was discovered by the police and now the former employee of the Assembly will face justice./ CNA.al

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