A large amount of money was stolen at the workplace

2022-08-10 13:19:00, Kronika CNA
A large amount of money was stolen at the workplace
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Crime Investigation Specialists at Police Station No. 2, following the work to combat illegality in the field of theft of property and wealth, identifying the perpetrators of theft and bringing them to legal responsibility, based on the information received during the operation, organized and finalized the coded police operation "Currency".  

As a result of this operation, the citizen was detained:

- B. Sh., 34 years old, resident in Tirana, for the criminal offense "Theft", committed in cooperation.

Also, citizen YK, 42 years old, resident of Fier, was declared wanted.

Citizen B. Sh. she was employed in a foreign exchange entity, owned by the citizen DK. From the verifications carried out, it was found that during the last week of July, this citizen, in cooperation with the citizen YK, stole 900,000 new lek from this entity.

Efforts are being made to arrest the citizen YK/ CNA.al

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