Cork on the steering wheel/ The bus driver of the Lapraka line is arrested

2023-03-21 11:21:00, Kronika CNA
Cork on the steering wheel/ The bus driver of the Lapraka line is arrested
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The Traffic Police Services of Tirana continue the checks with increased services in the field and with intelligent tools, in order to prevent road accidents. Daily checks, also on drivers of public transport vehicles, due to the importance of this sector.

As a result, the citizen GT, 57 years old, resident in Tirana, was arrested in the act, because after testing with the alcohol-testing apparatus, it turned out that he was driving the bus of the Lapraka line, in a drunken state.

Also, during 1 week, from monitoring with intelligent tools, in different axes of the capital:

- 16 citizens were arrested in the act, 12 of whom were driving the relevant vehicle while intoxicated; 2 others for driving the vehicle without a driving license and 2 drivers for other violations of traffic rules;

- 79 driving licenses were suspended, 38 of which for exceeding speed limits; 31 for driving under the influence of alcohol and 10 driving licenses for other violations of the Traffic Code.

Monitoring of road axes, with modern logistics tools, continues.

The Traffic Police of Tirana appeals to drivers and other road users to strictly implement the traffic rules, with the sole purpose of preventing road accidents and increasing road safety parameters.

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