The distribution of cocaine was carried out by two criminal groups/ The prosecution divulges details from the investigations

2023-03-22 13:53:00, Kronika CNA
The distribution of cocaine was carried out by two criminal groups/ The
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The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana discovers with special investigation methods the two criminal groups that sold drugs near the schools

The Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of Tirana has registered two criminal proceedings, no. 420 year 2023 and no. 7470 year 2022 for criminal offense 283 "Production and sale of narcotics" committed in collaboration.

At the end of several months of investigations with special investigation methods, it was possible to prove the criminal activity of two groups consisting of 24 people for whom the security measure 'Arrest in prison' was requested.

From the investigations started in January of this year, it turns out that all the accused in cooperation with each other acted divided into several groups and distributed narcotics in the area of ??Tirana and Kamza, mainly among young people.

The distribution was carried out in nightclubs, in the premises most frequented by young people and near a gymnasium in Tirana.

In cooperation with the Police Directorate, criminal proceedings have been increased with proactive methods, making it possible to document a series of criminal proceedings.

Proactive investigations and the use of special investigation methods in order to prevent and attack organized forms of criminal activity and disturbing phenomena such as the distribution of narcotics in the environments of young people and educational institutions, remain the focus of the Tirana Prosecutor's Office./ CNA.al

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