They fired a gun at a car in Rrëshen/ One person is arrested, two others are being sought

2023-03-27 16:08:00, Kronika CNA

They fired a gun at a car in Rrëshen/ One person is arrested, two others

The police have captured and handcuffed one of the suspected perpetrators wanted in connection with the shooting of a 41-year-old man's car in Rrëshen.

It is about the citizen with initials MM (alias MB), 59 years old, resident in Rrëshen.

It is suspected that the 59-year-old and the citizens EV (alias EB alias EM), 31 years old and KM (alias KB), 28 years old, namely the son and grandson of the citizen M. M, after a conflict for weak motives, have shot with firearms , in the direction of the vehicle of the SR citizen, 41 years old.

The arrested person is accused of the criminal offenses of "Premeditated murder", remaining in the attempt, committed in cooperation and "Unauthorized possession and production of weapons, explosive weapons and ammunition".

Controls are currently continuing to locate and capture the other 2 suspected perpetrators.

Also, under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office at the Lezhë Judicial District Court, the investigations are continuing for the complete disclosure of the event and the legal documentation of the criminal responsibility of each of the citizens involved in this case.

Meanwhile, the procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of the Lezhë Judicial District, for further actions./ CNA.al

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