The assassination attempt in Berat is prevented/ an arsenal of weapons is seized

2023-05-31 10:42:00, Kronika CNA

The assassination attempt in Berat is prevented/ an arsenal of weapons is seized

The services of the Berat Local Police Directorate and those of the Berat Police Station, as part of the coded police operation "Objektivi", have set up checkpoints with trap services, in some streets and villages where it was suspected that this criminal event could be carried out.

The citizens who had planned this assassination, unable to realize their goal, found under the pressure of the Police, hid the vehicle inside which they had the tools to commit the crime, and taking advantage of the darkness, they left in wooded areas.

The Police Services, as a result of detailed checks and police information provided, have made it possible to find the vehicle, a stolen motorcycle, with 2 suits, camouflage clothing (sweatshirt), an automatic firearm with a silencer , a pistol with a silencer and a quantity of combat ammunition.

In the following, as part of the police operation coded "Target", from the search in the apartment of one of the citizens declared wanted, specifically in the apartment of the citizen EG, 2 transceiver radios were found and seized as material evidence. , binoculars, gloves and fuel.

Following the quick investigative actions, carried out by the structures of the Berat Local Police Directorate, in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, it became possible to identify and announce the following citizens:

-HB, 55 years old, resident in Kosovo;

-A. Sh., 30 years old, resident in Korça;

- EG, 43 years old, resident in Tirana.

Due to the confidentiality of the intensive investigations that are being carried out on this case, we cannot provide any other details on the motive of this case or on the objective intended by the perpetrators.


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