Operation "Knock down 2"/ The number of banned goes to 27

2022-12-04 11:02:00, Kronika CNA

Operation "Knock down 2"/ The number of banned goes to 27

As part of the "Knock Down 2" operation, a wanted citizen, Gentian Koçoli, 39 years old resident of Korçë, was detained.

Thus, the number of those detained from this operation has reached 27.

" Following the work to bring forward the legal responsibility of the persons declared wanted within the anti-drug operation "Knock down 2", finalized on 28.10.2022, for the attack on criminal activity in the field of production and distribution of narcotics , the specialists of the Section for the Investigation of Illegal Traffic and Narcotics in DVP Korçë arrested the wanted citizen Gentian Koçoli, 39 years old, a resident of Korçë.

His arrest was made after the Court of the Judicial District of Korçë assigned the security measure "Arrest in prison" for the criminal offense "Production and sale of narcotics", carried out in cooperation ", it is further stated in the police announcement./ CNA. al

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