The criminal event in "Top Channel"/ Tracks which is being investigated by the police

2023-03-27 10:09:00, Kronika CNA
The criminal event in "Top Channel"/ Tracks which is being
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After midnight, a serious incident took place in the "Top Channel" building, where bullets were fired and the security guard was killed.

The security guard, Pal Kola, 60, died while being transported to the hospital.

This act has shocked the entire public opinion, while recently the tracks where the police are investigating the criminal event are being learned.

It is suspected that one of the tracks being investigated could be the "Big Brother VIP" reality show. 

Another clue is the mission or work of the "Top Channel", although there does not appear to have been any recent cases.

It is suspected that another track is that of debts and usury, or the breaking of contracts and cooperation with businesses.

Until now, the authorities have not yet caught and identified the perpetrators who fired a barrage of bullets.

The perpetrators of the event shot from a "Range Rover" type vehicle.

A few hours after the crime, the vehicle was found in Golem in Kavaja, completely burnt.

The AK-47 machine gun was also found inside the vehicle, with which it is suspected that the perpetrators attacked the "Top Channel" building./ CNA.al

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