Managed a criminal group/ Turk arrested, wanted internationally

2022-11-26 14:58:00, Kronika CNA

Managed a criminal group/ Turk arrested, wanted internationally

A Turkish citizen, wanted internationally, is provisionally arrested, for the purpose of extradition, for managing a criminal group with activity in providing assistance, for the illegal crossing of state borders. The arrested, previously convicted in Germany.

The Border Police Services of Rinas, as a result of increased checks with modern detection equipment, risk analysis, in-depth interviews and information exchange with Interpol Tirana, captured and handcuffed, with the aim of extradition, the internationally wanted Turkish citizen:

- MT, alias TN, 47 years old, resident in Istanbul, after the Court of Gyor, Hungary, assigned the security measure "Arrest in prison", for the criminal offense "Giving assistance to cross the border and managing a criminal group ”, provided by the Penal Code of Hungary.

During the verifications, it also turned out that the 47-year-old was previously convicted in Germany.

Procedural actions continue, in cooperation with ZQK Interpol Tirana, for the extradition of this citizen./ CNA.al

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