They were left in the open sea/ 3 tourists are rescued in Vlora

2023-03-25 10:41:00, Kronika CNA

They were left in the open sea/ 3 tourists are rescued in Vlora

The border police of Vlora made it possible to save the tourists after they were left in the open sea, because their boat in which they were traveling had suffered a defect.

The police informs that the three foreign citizens are in good health.

Full police statement:

The Border Police of Vlora came to the aid of some foreign citizens who were stranded at sea and found it impossible to continue sailing, with their boat that had suffered a defect.

Yesterday evening, the operation room of the Vlora Border Police received a notification about 3 citizens who were sailing in the sea, in front of the spill of the Seman river, with a sailing vessel with which they had left Croatia and it was impossible for them to continue their voyage in the direction of Turiq, where they had the destination, as the boat had suffered a breakdown.

Immediately after receiving the notification, the services of the Border Police were organized to help the 3 foreign citizens.

The Police Services accompanied them with the Border Police vehicle to the Triport Border Station. All three citizens are currently in good health.

The Border Police of Vlora is maximally engaged in the service of citizens and visitors, to create an environment as safe as possible./CNA

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