Karamuço reveals the "Mexican" method/ How traffickers are avoiding the police

2023-03-22 22:32:00, Kronika CNA

Karamuço reveals the "Mexican" method/ How traffickers are

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço has discovered the new formula used by drug traffickers to avoid police checks.

Invited to the "Bardh a Zi" studio, Karamuço says that the method that is used more and has already entered the market by traffickers is the Mexican method.

"The structure has changed and a structure has been adapted for the continuation of the cultivation of narcotics. In addition to having aerial surveillance from the Guarda Di Financa, we also have two satellites monitoring the territory.  

It also requires a new police behavior. Now we look at water and energy. New lamps have been brought that do not consume electricity. We had the problem of importing cocaine and the export we have of our substance cannabis. Before these there are some obstacles like the script and the sniffer dog.

They took the Mexican method. After the material is pressed, it is plasticized, greased and carbon papers are placed and beyond that it is done with a spray that comes from some spicy Mexican sauces, mixed with alcohol or water that the dog just starts to smell creates a disturbance and leaves.

They have reached this far. These are new forms because the state has been strengthened," said Karamuço./CNA

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