The Albanian's heart is found in Spain/ The court's decision, the body in the morgue is cleared

2023-05-27 12:54:00, Kronika CNA

The Albanian's heart is found in Spain/ The court's decision, the body

Fact Check learns exclusively that after the decision of the Court of Appeal in Spain, the Albanian prosecution has started the procedures of taking the heart of the Albanian Saimir Sula who died in Spain. This saga of the Sula family is expected to end, while it is not yet known whether or not there was an attempt to traffic organs from the Spanish hospital where he died.

After more than three years, the story that shocked the public opinion in Albania comes to an end, where a young Albanian man came dead from Spain and he was missing his heart.

The Court of Appeal in Spain has decided to return the seized heart of the late Saimir Sula to the Albanian authorities.

This decision paves the way for the request for the return of the heart, which in the following weeks is expected to be officially received by a group of Albanian investigators and then handed over to the family members.


This serious event bordering on a scandal was first discovered by the sister of the deceased, Majlinda Sula, who set Albanian justice in motion, while for nearly three years she has been protesting between Albania and Spain for the missing heart.

The Tirana Prosecutor's Office has received the decision of the Spanish appeal and the request to withdraw the heart which has been held according to Spanish justice to examine the cause of the young man's death.

It was the requests for legal assistance from the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana and then the Ministry of Justice at the time directed by Mrs. Gjonaj that revealed that the heart was kept in the Spanish forensic medicine without notifying the family members of the deceased.

It is not known whether or not Sula's family members will be attached to the investigative team in taking over the heart, which will then be accompanied by another legal procedure in Tirana, that of permission for the exhumation of the deceased and the union of the body with the heart .

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