About 27,000 cannabis plants are found in Malësi e Madhe/ They were cultivated on land

2023-05-20 10:10:00, Kronika CNA

About 27,000 cannabis plants are found in Malësi e Madhe/ They were

The second phase of the anti-cannabis police mega-operation "Clean Alps" is finalized, thanks to which cannabis seedlings were destroyed in the Great Highlands.

The Blues have found in the territory of the village of Gruemire-Çesme, in an open environment, 6300 suspected cannabis sativa seedlings planted in the ground, as well as 20300 seedlings in cubes, which are suspected to be cultivated on land, in mountainous areas of the Great Highlands .

Seedlings planted in soil and in cubes were destroyed by burning, except for a small part that was seized as material evidence.

Thanks to the quick actions, based on the information provided, the Police services have made it possible to identify one of the main perpetrators of the attempt to cultivate these seedlings, specifically the citizen AD, 55 years old, resident of the village of Polvar, Malësi e Madhe, i who was declared wanted and efforts are being made to capture him.

Meanwhile, the specialists for the Investigation of Crimes at the Malësi e Madhe Police Station, in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, continue the in-depth investigations for the identification and capture of other citizens implicated in this criminal activity.

Meanwhile, the police announces that the anti-cannabis police operation "Clean Alps" is continuing.

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