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Terrible/ 13-month-old child swallows cannabis, miraculously escapes

2022-11-28 14:47:00, Kronika CNA
Terrible/ 13-month-old child swallows cannabis, miraculously escapes
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In Palermo, a 13-month-old boy ended up in the hospital after ingesting cannabis.
 Attending doctors in the emergency room during tests and CAT scan found a fractured skull. 

The health personnel contacted the police and the juvenile prosecutor's office. Investigations and checks at the home of the child's parents continue. As always happens in these cases, the child was entrusted to the medical director of the hospital. This is the 18th case of children coming to the emergency room with drug overdose since the beginning of the year.

How did the event happen?

As the scene of the event has been reconstructed by La Repubblica, the police officers called by the doctors of the emergency room listened to the child's parents in an attempt to reconstruct the picture of the situation: the result of the search in the family's house is not known, much less. if the parents used drugs.

A skull fracture is found 

In the early stages of the investigation, the child's father and mother, aged 32 and 29 respectively, denied that their son had ingested drugs at home. The only certainty is that the little one tested positive for cannabis and was admitted to the children's hospital for observation. The causes of the skull fracture found after the CT scan also need to be established. The baby's condition is clearly improving. /CNA.al Source: TG 24

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