Drivers in 'scanners' / 'Plasin' fines for traffic offenders

2022-06-23 16:37:00, Kronika CNA

Drivers in 'scanners' / 'Plasin' fines for traffic offenders

Traffic police have put into action the new fleet of vehicles, smart cars, automatic radars to prevent road accidents.

For a week, on all roads in the country, these vehicles have scanned speeds up to twice the allowed rate, on urban and national roads. The highest speeds were observed during the evening hours and during the first hours of the morning.

During one week, 683 driving licenses were suspended for speeding.

Janë vendosur 1610 masa administrative, po për shpejtësi mbi normat e lejuara, por pa sanksionin plotësues pezullim i lejes së drejtimit.

Gjithashtu, janë evidentuar dhe ndaluar 233 automjete të shpallura “Alert”, kryesisht për shpejtësi, të evidentuara nga makina inteligjente. Drejtuesve të këtyre mjeteve u është pezulluar leja e drejtimit, si dhe janë ndëshkuar me masat administrative përkatëse.

Janë evidentuar dhe ndëshkuar 22 drejtues mjetesh, për gara shpejtësie.

Janë evidentuar dhe ndëshkuar 431 drejtues mjetesh, për parakalime të rrezikshme në rrugë.

From the processing done by the operators of the film images scanned by the intelligent machines, many drivers have been identified in double or triple violation. In addition to the speed scanned by the intelligent car, the data processing showed that the drivers had not fastened their seat belts and / or used their mobile phones while driving.

The State Police appeals to all road users to respect the rules of the road, because all road axes, from Morina to Saranda are monitored 24/7 by the Traffic Police, which has available modern logistical means to identify and punished drivers who violate traffic rules./ AE-CNA.al

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