The appeal of GJKKO left Fredi Beleri in prison/ The Foreign Ministry of Greece reacts strongly

2023-06-01 15:41:00, Kronika CNA
The appeal of GJKKO left Fredi Beleri in prison/ The Foreign Ministry of Greece
Fred Beller

The appeal of GJKKO left the elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, in prison, while for his friend, Pandeli Kokaveshin, he imposed the mandatory appearance measure.

The Foreign Ministry of Greece has reacted strongly to this decision, which declares that leaving Beler in prison is against the provisions of the state.

The statement states that Greece is treating this issue as a priority and will continue to raise it with European partners.

Full statement:

Today's rejection of the appeal of the elected mayor of Himara, Fredy Beleri, against the continuation of his detention, does not appear to be in accordance with the provisions of the rule of law, while it does not constitute fair treatment of an elected representative of the local government. since, as it appears from an announcement of the Special Prosecutor's Office of Albania, it is the only detention in a total of 31 complaints for electoral crimes.

It also raises questions about the existence of political expediency for holding detention, as it raises substantial obstacles for F. Beleri to take up his post as mayor.

The ongoing detention of F. Beleri was the subject of today's conversation between Foreign Minister Vasilis Kaskareli and his Albanian counterpart Olta Xhaçka in Oslo, on the sidelines of the informal ministerial meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds the issue very high in its priorities and beyond the bilateral dimension of the issue, it will continue to inform and raise awareness of the international community and in particular the European partners, as Albania is a candidate country for EU membership./ CNA.al

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