Action against gambling/ Two brothers are handcuffed in Mat

2023-06-06 09:37:00, Kronika CNA

Action against gambling/ Two brothers are handcuffed in Mat

Following the work for the control of the territory and various premises, in order to prevent, evidence and attack illegality and as a result of the operational work in following up the police information provided, based on the police intelligence, the services of the Mat Police Station organized and finalized the police operation coded "Brothers", during which a case of organizing gambling activities contrary to the law was struck. 

As part of the operation developed in the "Pjeter Budi" neighborhood, in the city of Burrel, the Police services arrested the following citizens in the act:

AK, 54 years old and NK, 46 years old, residents of Burrel (brothers). 

These citizens were arrested for the criminal offense of "Organizing or carrying out gambling activities in violation of the law", because in cooperation with each other, they had secretly adapted an environment in which they had placed several computers through which they organized games of chance. 

As material evidence, the 3 computers that were used for the organization of gambling games, about 160,000 new lek and 2 cell phones were seized.

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