7 thefts in 3 weeks/ The "hawk" was caught in Tirana

2023-06-06 15:40:00, Kronika CNA

7 thefts in 3 weeks/ The "hawk" was caught in Tirana

7 different thefts committed recently, by a 31-year-old man, as part of the coded police operation "Mountain bike", are clarified and documented.

The Blues inform that as a result they have handcuffed the young man with the initials VS

The 31-year-old man was handcuffed, 3 bicycles suspected to have been stolen from him and a mobile phone were seized.

From the investigative actions, it is suspected that the 31-year-old, during the last 3 weeks, has committed 7 thefts in different areas of Tirana. The thefts were committed specifically:

- On 18.05.2023, on "Qemal Stafa" street, he stole the bicycle of a citizen;

- On 26.05.2023, on "Don Bosco" street, he stole two bicycles owned by a citizen;

- On 29.05.2023, on "Nikolla Jorga" street, he stole a citizen's mobile device, while on "Jordan Misja" street, he stole a citizen's bicycle;

- On 31.05.2023, on "Kol Jumari" street, a citizen's bicycle was stolen; 

- On 01.06.2023, on "Fadil Rada" street, he stole a sum of money from a private entity; 

- On 02.06.2023, on "'Maliq Muço" street, he attempted to steal from an apartment. 

As material evidence, 3 bicycles suspected to be stolen from this citizen and a mobile device were seized.  

Work is currently ongoing to clarify other thefts that may have been committed by this citizen.  

Meanwhile, the procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office for further actions./ CNA.al


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