Albanians pay 14 million euros in interest on energy delays in 2023

2024-02-19 15:52:00, Ekonomi CNA

Albanians pay 14 million euros in interest on energy delays in 2023

Consumers who did not pay their energy bills on time were forced to pay 1.48 billion ALL or 14 million euros as late interest during 2023.

The number of invoices for which late interest has been collected is 1.88 million. At least 1/5 of interest arrears were registered in the month of November, which coincides with a value of 279 million ALL. Late interest accrues on an invoice when the monthly invoice is not paid within the 30-day deadline of the following month. So if the invoice was issued for the month of September, it can be paid without interest until the end of October.

The energy sector data published by the Energy Regulatory Authority these days show that in total OSHEE collected 80.4 billion lek or 770 million euros from energy last year. The year 2023 has been closed with a payment of 99.4 percent of the current month's energy bills.

From the total receipts, it results that 45 billion ALL or 430 million euros are receipts of current invoices for the current year. At least 22.6 billion lek turn out to be appropriations for other bills of the current year.

In addition to these, OSHEE continues for years to collect arrears from consumers who have entered into agreements due to the debt accumulated over the years. These agreements were concluded several years ago for both family and business customers and provided for repayment in installments, but each installment could not be less than 2,000 ALL. In value, the receipts for invoices from other years result in 12.7 billion ALL or 120 million euros.

According to OSHEE's periodic statistics, the number of consumers connected to the electricity distribution network is 1.32 million, while the total bills with consumption readings in 2023 were 12.3 million.

The same statistics show that from the total of invoices issued, at least 23.3 million of them have zero consumption, which means they are second or empty homes in which there is no systematic energy consumption. The number of invoices issued without reading, i.e. total economic damage for 2023, was 11,000./ Monitor Magazine

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