"Holy shit, these are pisa"/ The lawyer steals the accident money from the citizen

2023-06-07 21:45:13, Denoncim CNA

"Holy shit, these are pisa"/ The lawyer steals the accident money from

"Stop" was in Tirana with Mrs. Shqiponja Mashi, who said that in 2019 in Shkodër she was riding a motorcycle with her daughter and had an accident. As a result, the girl was injured and spent 3 months on bed rest.

A court process was initiated with lawyer Ndue Gjelaj and the compensation decision was issued in the amount of 54 million old Lek. But only 8 million Lek have passed to the Eagle. For the rest, the lawyer does not give explanations.

"The money has not been received yet. A small amount was received that passed the old 6 million lek to the girl and another 2 million went to my account. The other part, the lawyer says, is hindered by the Court of Appeal. We made a 50-50 deal with the lawyer after the trial is won. The money was given directly by lawyer Ndue Gjelaj".

The executor Rrok Deda has stated that the money has been transferred to the lawyer.

"He says that I transferred the money to the lawyer Ndue Gjelaj, I keep his money ," said the informant.

Mrs. Mashi is interested in the Albanian Security Bureau, where they tell her that the money has gone through the bailiff.

Complainant: This case is entering its fifth year and I have not received any information, no money.

BSHS employee: So ma'am, you need to talk to your lawyer and your lawyer tells you. Madam, the case came with the Enforcement and we do not know who gets the money then, that the Enforcement was set in motion by the lawyer.

Complainant: Who withdrew the money?

BSHS employee: The lawyer knows!

Complainant: Who withdrew the money?

BSHS employee: The lawyer knows! So it came with enforcement. We do not withdraw money.

Complainant: Both of them attracted? Attorney and Bailiff?

BSHS employee: We don't know that. They have proceeded normally, Enforcement.

The other employee: Talk to the lawyer!

Lawyer Ndue Gjelaj denies this, insults the film crew and directs the lady to the bailiff.

Av. Miranda Sinanaj: the problem is not the lawyer, but the Bailiff.

Av. Miranda Sinanaj: Why? Then why? These are the Bailiffs! The lawyer cannot imagine, that this Bailiff will have this behavior and see, that this procedure cannot be done. The executor will take responsibility on his own shoulders.

Av. Ndue Gjelaj: I got the message, I'm in a meeting and I'll pick you up myself, no problem.

Av. Ndue Gjelaj: I don't know, for how long but finish the meeting here. I will take you! I have also instructed that colleague to dispose of a request.

Journalist: We'll wait here, avash-avash.

Av. Ndue Gjelaj: What the hell! These are pisa, mor man of the earth.

The lady meets the executor Rrok Deda, who tells her that she has paid a full 42 million Lek to the lawyer, while 13 million has been blocked, as the lawyer is doing her dirty work.

Bailiff Rrok Deda: What I passed on to Noja, tell Noja to pass it on to you!

Complainant: How much did you spend on the lawyer?

Bailiff Rrok Deda: 42, 43 million, as much as I told you. I'm over it. 13 million are blocked.

Complainant: Why are the walls blocked, mor?

Bailiff Rrok Deda: I have a suspension decision, because Noja will trick me!/ tvklan

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