The shootings in Kurbin/Balliu: Serious, unjustifiable

2022-11-28 21:53:00, Aktualitet CNA
The shootings in Kurbin/Balliu: Serious, unjustifiable
Clevis Balliu

Klevis Balliu has reacted regarding the shootings in Kurbin. Invited to the show "Open", Balliu said that this is a very serious and unjustifiable event.

He stated that measures will be taken for this case.

"Whatever the reason, not only is it faked in the air, but just holding the weapon in the meeting is heavy. They will take our steps as a subject. There is no excuse, especially for DP. Nothing justifies it, it's a matter of principles. In Kurbin, there is also an understanding of the problems that DP has had, so I am surprised. It should be seen how the event happened and the condition in which the person was. However, it is unjustifiable. For PD, these are an issue with which there are no jokes", stated Balliu./ CNA.al

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