Scenarios and scandals with the trial of incinerators

2023-06-01 09:58:00, Aktualitet CNA
Scenarios and scandals with the trial of incinerators
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For the umpteenth time, the court hearings against the Elbasan incinerator continue to drag on.

Today, the session has been postponed, where it is announced that the next one will be held on June 8.

As it is known this time, the claim and justification is that the defendants do not have lawyers.

These are the schemes and scenarios that are sometimes used to postpone sessions.

They are caught after the procedure to save a bunch of thieves who have stolen Albanian taxpayers' money.

They are trying to save with procedures, the brain of the incinerators, as it is called by SPAK, Mirel Mërtirin, his roommate Stela Gugallen and other collaborators.

We remind you that 24 million euros were taken from the poor Albanian taxpayers for the Elbasan incinerator, and today it is still not working.

Such is the incinerator of Fier, while the one of Tirana remains a "ghost" as it does not exist./ CNA.al

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